The yellow route, "the sandy Perc" Warsaw Międzylesie - Józefów

Trail number: MZ-5078y

Very picturesque and varied landscape in terms of the trail leading through forests, meadows, wetlands and hills. Along the way, striking panorama of the city center at a distance of 20km! Note, in the meadow the trail very poorly marked. To avoid wading through swamp and river crossing, you might want to go slightly to the west of the trail (you can see on the map) to pass through the picturesque meadow as dry feet (which of course depends on the rainfall, snowmelt, etc.). the meadows is another problematic passage - the route of the trail is fenced and the new variant was not labeled, you should follow the signs on this stretch of trail blue (also see this on the map).

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  1. broda

    Byłem z córką na w/w szlaku. Szlak obecnie jest b. dobrze wyznakowany. Jedyne miejsce gdzie się można zgubić to na wycince na budowanej trasy S2.Dosyć interesujący jest dystans. Mi na Endomondo wyszło 25,53 km

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